Anti-aging, antioxidant, revolutionary:
the first Made in Tuscany Enocosmetic line is a international excellence.

LAJATICA èis the first Made in Tuscany Enocosmetic line that produces cosmetics from pomace, vineyards waste substance. LAJATICA borns from the union between Bocelli 1831 vineyard and Speziali Laurentiani Agricosmetic laboratory, active since 1821, presenting itself as an absolute innovation in the international panorama of cosmetic. All LAJATICA products – anti-aging cream, lighten serum, shaving soap, after shaving gel, oils and scrubs – are strictly natural and zero km and carry on the ethical principles of the circular economy, demonstrating that starting from a raw material considered a waste product it is possible to obtain an extremely precious result. Why so precious? For the incomparable antioxidant power of the raw material in question, the pomace, and for its high perfomance. But let's take a step back. How is LAJATICA born? 

The idea

The intuition for the creation of LAJATICA Enocosmetic line happens, as for almost all the most revolutionary ideas, almost by chance. The idea comes from the Bocelli's brothers after they found a grandmother's old recipe, in which Mrs Andreina (that's the name of the beloved woman) talked about the use of a sort of pomace compote both for food use and for cosmetic use. That's how Bocelli1831, the family winery with historic vineyards located in Lajatico, in the province of Pisa,  decides to undertake a more complex analysis of the pomace produced by the winery in collaboration with the Pharmacy Department of the University of Pisa. The aim? Identifying the qualitative and quantitative composition of the pomace. The result of the analytical investigations is literally astonishing: the content of antioxidant substances found in the pomace is so high that this agricultural waste can be considered a real source of youth. Now, how can this incredible discovery be used?

The project

Bocelli 1831 decides to rely on the ten-year experience of Speziali Laurentiani Agri-cosmetic laboratory, commissioning it the study of a range of cosmetic products containing a patented extract of the pomace. Speziali Laurentiani, grower of Made in Tuscany aromatic herbs and producer of natural cosmetics that respect the environment, animals and humans, is enthusiastic about the job and immediately starts working. In few time the laboratory patents a innovative phytocomplex obtained from all active ingredients (primary and secondary) contained in the peel and the seeds of the grapes, immediately distinguishing itself from the classic Vinotherapy treatments, which only use the single active ingredients isolated from wine or grapes. In that moment, what will henceforth be identified with the name of LAJATICOMPLEX was born: a revolution in cosmetics!


The term LAJATICOMPLEX identifies the innovative phytocomplex patented by LAJATICA, which uses all the substances contained in the pomace. It is exactly the synergy of all the substances extracted from the peel and the seeds of the grapes that give LAJATICA products an incomparable antioxidant power capable of contrasting the aging of tissues. 
In particular, the resveratrol, the polyphenol of grapes, has a strong anti-aging action that fights oxidative processes and visibly reduces damages such as the presence of more or less marked wrinkles and skin spots. Considered “the molecule of eternal youth”, resveratrol has been called “the best anti-aging molecule available today” by Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard Medical Department. But even before him, it was grandmother Andreina who asserted it in her writings, and it was in her intuition that Bocelli's brothers trusted. That's how the circle closes. 


Future prospectives

LAJATICA èwas presented in world preview on board MSC Seaside, on the occasion of the big inaugural event held in Miami on December 21st 2017. Since then, LAJATICA has become part of the most prestigious national and international SPA, while online the collection can be purchased in our e-shop dedicated to the entire cosmetic line, here. Actually, we are at the very beginning: LAJATICA promises it will keep people talking about its revolutionary products!

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