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Marc: the raw material that gives a precious result.


The Lajatica range of products is an absolute novelty in many respects. As you know, these products are made by exploiting the properties of the marc, waste material during wine production.

In the specific case of Lajatica, the grapes, coming from the vines of the Bocelli family, located in Lajatico, run along two parallel paths: a large percentage enters the La Sterza cellar to produce the Bocelli 1831 wines, the remainder in the laboratory.

In both cases, a production is started that is not green only to meet the needs of an increasingly sensitive to natural public, but above all because:
"It embodies all the perfumes and spells of my land and tells the story of many families, the silent, orderly, fatal succession of so many human lives; stories of great hardships and tribulations, stories united by a great love for the land and for country life ... "
Andrea Bocelli

From the pomace, LAJATICOMPLEX is extracted, which is the phytocomplex of all the active ingredients, primary and secondary, contained in the skin and seeds of the grapes. Unlike classical vinotherapy, where the function of cosmetics is carried out by some individual active ingredients isolated from wine or grapes, Lajatica uses the entire complex of substances contained in pomace. It is the synergy of all the substances extracted to give Lajatica products an unparalleled antioxidant power in combating tissue aging.

The Lajaticomplex
Skin aging is due to several factors sharing the fact that they are all precursors of the oxidative process. It can therefore be stated that the cause of aging is represented by the oxidative process.

Lajaticomplex is a complex, highly functional, rich in grape polyphenols (in particular resveratrol) able to counteract the oxidative processes but also to visibly reduce the damage caused by the oxidative process (for example the appearance of more or less marked wrinkles or l onset of skin spots).

Resveratrol is considered the molecule of eternal youth and was defined by dr. David Sinclair of Harward´s medical department, the best anti-aging molecule available today. It is an antioxidant found in the skin of grapes and acts against free radicals by delaying the signs of age. The antioxidant power of resveratrol is a relatively recent discovery, dating back to when, in the early 2000s, the aforementioned Sinclair realized that this substance was able to extend the life of the cells by up to 70%.

The process occurs by activating sirtuins, a type of protein known as the longevity gene, whose normal production is activated in situations of high stress such as lack of food or water. Sinclair and his group of researchers were looking for substances that could activate this mechanism in the human body, and found that resveratrol is the right one. If in mice fed with resveratrol life expectancy increases by 40%, in humans it could be thought to be up to 136 years old and in good health. For Sinclair we are talking about the Holy Grail of the fight against aging.

In fact all this should not surprise us if we think that resveratrol is the substance that the vine produces to protect itself and resist attacks of cold, wind and rain.