Micellar gel - make-up remover 100ml.

Micellar gel - make-up remover

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The micellar gel has a double function: face cleanser and eye make-up
remover, consisting of a water solution, glycerine(known for its moisturising and humectant properties) and surfactant spheric particles, the micelles, which effectively remove dirt. These molecules have the
capacity of trapping and removing the impurities and excess sebum of
the skin, proving to be extremely useful for cleansing the face daily.
The characteristics of this formula are its tenderness and the high
tolerability, making it perfect to cleanse every skin type. It is free from
alcohol, soap, parabens and fragrance that can cause allergies.
The high cleansing power of the gel allows you to effectively remove
eyeliner, eye pencil and mascara using only 1 gram of the gel and a
cotton pad. Being a gel instead of the normal liquid micellar cleanser it is
easier to apply with a cotton pad: it does not drip, there is no waste and
it less likely to get in contact with eyes. 

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